5 Factors That Affect The Resale Of Your Home - Deb Laemmerhirt1

5 Factors That Affect The Resale Of Your Home – When buying a home, it’s key to keep selling in mind too. There are certain aspects of a home that can potentially affect its selling in the future. We’ve gathered our best tips on this topic, check them out below:


1. Location – The popular saying “location, location, location” definitely applies when reselling your home. How does your home compare to other homes in the area? Is your home above or below the average price range in your area? These factors can influence the sale of your home.


2. School reputation – This factor can greatly influence the future value of your home. Keep in mind that it’s more beneficial to buy a lesser home in a higher-rated school district than to buy the perfect home in a lesser rated school district.


3. Uniqueness – Your unique home-style or decor might be perfect to you, but buyers could be turned off by it. If the distinctiveness of a home isn’t something the majority of people would gravitate to, it’s going to be a difficult home to resell.


4. The Extras – There are several aspects of a home that some buyers look for. Does your home have a masters suite? An open floor plan or a fireplace? These “extras” can potentially help or hurt the resale of your home.


5. Lot size – The exterior of your home can be a major selling point for buyers. How close is your home to the road? How close is it to neighboring homes? Is there any privacy? These factors can influence buyers first impressions when reselling your home.


Keep these factors in mind when buying and re-selling your home! What do you think of these tips? Do you know any other tips about re-selling a home? Comment to share with us!