6 Hot Kitchen Trends That Will Help Sell Your Home Faster This 2016


For most people looking for Lake Zoar real estate, the most important room in a house is the kitchen. In fact, a kitchen has the potential to be the main selling feature of your home. Buyers are looking for kitchen that are functional, have good quality appliances, and a sense of space. Read on to find out the newest trends in kitchen design this 2016.

Wow your Lake Zoar home buyers with these 6 kitchen trends that will surely add value to your home.

  1. Soft, muted color palettes

If you want to attract buyers of Lake Zoar homes for sale this year, you may consider switching up the color scheme of your kitchen. Although white motifs will still remain dominant, cabinets, backsplashes, and other kitchen features should be done in less saturated tones. If you don’t want to go for white, you may use charcoal, grays, and neutral pastels like pale blue and pale green gay. For accent colors, muted blues and greens and pale yellow pastel will be in this year.

  1. Metal range hoods

Metallic finishes, be it copper, brass, or bronze, was among last year’s hottest kitchen trends. However, they were mostly seen on faucets, pendant lights, and cabinet pulls only. If you want your home to stand out from the rest of Lake Zoar waterfront homes, you may consider using metal hoods or ones that are a combination of wood and metal. Having a metal hood can give your kitchen an attractive burst of contrast.

  1. Sleek kitchen design and improved storage

If you want to add grace and style to your kitchen, use retractable handles for kitchen cabinets and minimalist style design. Using metal details will also protect your kitchen cabinets and create a beautiful and modern kitchen look. Another latest kitchen design trend is the use of versatile vertical storage. This year, there will be many appliances and design intended to maximize space.

  1. Multifunctional kitchen furniture design

One of the most convenient design trends this 2016 is having multifunction kitchen furniture. Space saving kitchen sets are not just ideal for decorating small homes, they are also a practical choice. Modern kitchen islands can be used as dining tables while using folding and retractable features will make your kitchen neat and comfortable.

  1. An open plan

Having an open plan kitchen will help you sell your home faster. It is ideal because it centralizes the kitchen and gives you the space to entertain family and friends while you are cooking or preparing meals. It gives you flexibility in terms of space and allows you to see everything.

  1. Comfort is key

When it comes to kitchen furniture and seating, comfort is number one on this year’s list. Seating that features soft organic shapes and cosy fabrics like wool linens and organic cottons will be in demand. For extra comfort, you may add plush pillows and cushions.

Show off your kitchen’s best features and enhance the overall feeling of your cooking space by following these trends. Check out https://homesinconnecticutforsale.com today for more ideas on how to sell your home faster.

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