Silver Spoon Christmas Ornament

Fun, easy and pretty!


What you will need:

-Silver spoon

-Metal primer spray paint

-Silver spray paint

-Hand held drill

-Drill bit (for metal)

-Craft glue

-Decorative gems



Prime the spoon first before spray-painting the entire surface, front and back, with the silver spray paint. Using the craft glue place the decorative gems in any way you like, get creative! Last, drill a small hole in the handle of the spoon so that you can tie a ribbon to hang it on the tree.


Sparkling Christmas Banner

No need to spend the money on decorative banners!


What you will need:

-Chipboard letters with holes punched in the top that spell out Christmas

-Elmer’s glue

-1” artist brush

-Loose glitter (of your choice)

-Plastic container for glitter

-Spoon to apply glitter

-Wax paper

-Hemp wire


Use the brush to generously apply glue to one letter at a time. Hold the wet letter over the container filled with the glitter and sprinkle the glitter all over with the spoon. After you have covered each letter completely set them on wax paper to dry. Once they are dry, string the letters together with the hemp wire, hang and enjoy!


Make a CD into an ornament

Repurpose old CDs into ornaments!


What you will need:

-CDs or DVDs


-Permanent marker

-Craft glue

-Construction paper



Start by drawing your pattern with your permanent marker on the back of the CD or DVD. Then use the scissors to cut out the shapes you drew. Cut up another CD or DVD into pieces of different shapes and sizes. Use the craft glue to place the pieces onto the one CD or DVD that you cut for your base. Cut the construction paper into a circle and glue that in the middle of the ornament you just created. Finally, add more sparkle with gems and hang on your tree!


Newspaper Christmas Tree

Cheap and easy!


What you will need:

-Old Newspaper


-Masking tape


Lay the newspaper down flat, tape the ends together, and roll the pages up diagonal tightly. Use tape to make sure the paper stays in a compact tube. Use the scissors to cut long lines down the tube to about half way. After you make the cuts pull each inner layer out, upside down, to turn it into a tree.
Felt Poinsettias

Dress up your walls, tree, banisters or mantels with felt poinsettias.


What you will need:

-Colored felt by the yard


-Fabric scissors



-Hot glue


-Thick craft paper



Draw a single leaf on the craft paper and cut it out to use as a stencil. Use the stencil to trace on the felt and cut out five leaves of felt for each poinsettia. Use the needle and thread to stitch together the five leaves to make the flower and then cover the stitch marks by hot gluing a button in the center. Add gems to the button and then hot glue the flowers to a long strip of felt. Once you have completed attaching the flowers to felt, hang in on the wall, string it on your tree, banister or mantel.


Peppermint Wreath

So creative!


What you will need:

-Three bags of peppermints

-Bag of red hots

-Hot glue gun

-Round foam wreath


Unwrap each peppermint and begin using the hot glue gun to attach each piece to the foam wreath. If there is still some white space after you have used all the peppermints glue the red hots! Once you are finished hang it on the door with a large ribbon.


Mason Jar Candle Holders

Looks fancy, but is so easy!


What you will need:

-3 mason jars

-Fake berries


-Votive candles

-Pretty and festive ribbon


Simply fill the mason jars with the fake berries and spruce then place the votive candle in the center. After you have achieved the perfect look, tie a ribbon around the top of the mason jar.


Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive! They can be cheap, pretty and most important fun!