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How To Finance Your Home Renovation

  How To Finance Your Home Renovation – Renovating your home can be an exciting, yet stressful time. On the one hand, you are eager to make improvements to your living space and enjoy the end results. On the other hand, upgrades are costly and it can be tricky when it comes to deciding the right…

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Do You Really Need a Home Warranty?

Do You Really Need a Home Warranty?- Home Warranty sounds like a fantastic idea, but is it something you really need? It can be difficult to make the decision. Check out these facts to help make the decision that is right for you. First, it is important to know what a home warranty is. It…

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How to Calculate Mortgage Payments

How to Calculate Mortgage Payments- It is important to calculate your mortgage payments to understand exactly what you owe and how your loan is being paid down. The easiest and least time consuming is to use a Mortgage Calculator. Ask your Realtor if they have one available or check out the option below.   You…

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Refinance Opportunity?

Refinance Opportunity? Refinance Opportunity?  To find the right time for you to refinance, answer these four questions: 1. What’s your interest rate versus the interest rate you could get today? The bigger the difference between your rate and today’s rate, the more you can cut your monthly payment by refinancing. If you have a $100,000…

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Homeowners: Should You Remodel or Refinance?

  Homeowners: Should You Remodel or Refinance?- To remodel or to refinance?  That is the question.  This has been a long-debated question that brings about many others.  Should I wait to refinance my home until my remodeling is complete?  What if I want to use some of that money to fund my remodeling?  Maybe I should…

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Mortgages and Retirement

Mortgages and Retirement  Mortgages and Retirement.  A growing number of retired Americans have more mortgage debt, less affordable loans and are at a greater risk of foreclosure than prior generations, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said in a new report. What’s the big deal about having a mortgage during retirement? Income typically falls during retirement,…

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Mortgage - no money down

Federal Reserve Bank

Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed is an organization of 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks headed by a Board of Governors. The Chairman and Vice Chairman are appointed for four years, while the remaining five governors are appointed for 14 years. The Fed’s actions do not require presidential or congressional approval, an attempt…

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Home Equity Line Of Credit

Home Equity Line Of Credit Home Equity Line Of Credit. Should you use a home equity line or loan to pay off your outstanding credit card bills or other debt? Maybe. But before you borrow, consider the pros and cons. There are two kinds of home equity mortgages. With a home equity loan you get…

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