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How To Find The Perfect Water Front Property In Connecticut – House hunting can be such a fun process. You get to explore different areas of the city, get to know different neighborhoods, and even get decorating inspiration. When it comes to searching for a waterfront property, the game changes a little bit. In some cases, there are more things to consider when buying a waterfront home.

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect waterfront home…

Narrow Your Search – Talk with your real estate agent and get to know your options when it comes to waterfront homes. What neighborhoods should you be looking in? What fits your budget? Narrow down the neighborhoods and locations for which you should be searching.

Location – This is such an important quality in a home. Not only for you, but for resale as well. You can change the decor and certain amenities in your home, but you can not change the location. Do your research and make sure the location is not only great for you but can be great for resale as well.

Amenities – Some waterfront locations have certain amenities. Do you have or want to get a boat? If that’s important to you, then know what location or waterfront property comes with a dock, is close to a marina, etc.Some locations also come with trails, common areas, etc. As you narrow your search, consider all of the amenities waterfront locations can offer.

Know The Restrictions – Amenities are great but you should also explore any restrictions that come with owning a home on the water. Is there a HOA? Can I put up a fence? What restrictions does that home have?

Market Value – When searching for a home, check with your real estate agent to see how the market value of that home or neighborhood has performed over the last few years. Have the prices gone up or down? Know what you are investing in.

Searching for a waterfront home that fits what you are looking for can be a lot of fun. Remember these tips and your search will go a lot smoother and you will have a better chance of finding the waterfront home of your dreams! What do you think of these tips? Do you have any tips to share? Comment to share with us!