Pros and Cons of FSBO – Once you’ve deciding to sell your home, some choose to work with a real estate professional and some choose to sell “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO. Ultimately, you don’t have to sell your home using a real estate professional but there are definitely pros and cons of selling your home FSBO. Here are a few to help you decide the right path for you…


Pros of Selling a Home FSBO:

  • Save Money – You won’t have to pay 2 real estate agents. Instead you will only be in charge of paying the agent of the buyer unless you work with the buyer directly.
  • You Are In Control – You can control how your home is staged, marketed, when you show the home, etc.
  • It’s Your Home – You know the home better than anyone. You can point out the amenities and items in the home like no one else.


Cons of Selling a Home FSBO:

  • No Help – Without an agent, you are in charge of marketing, pricing, showing, staging, negotiating, finding a buyer, doing the paperwork, etc.
  • Pricing – This is a touchy subject. Too high and you lose interest. Too low and you lose money. Real estate pros know the strategy and how to negotiate the best price for you and your home.
  • Less Visibility – This is what real estate pros do. They have a marketing strategy for your home to get you the most exposure and to target the right buyers. Without the right marketing you have less visibility.
  • Contracts – Real estate pros tell you what you need, what it means and handle the leg work for you. When you sell a home FSBO, you can get that info from a title company or an attorney but you will still most likely pay a fee for that information.

There are pros and cons to every situation. It won’t hurt to interview a real estate professional to get your questions answered and to see which route is best for you. It’s important that when you want to hire a real estate agent that it’s the right one. We recommend you interview a few to find the right one for you.