Top 3 Design Ideas for Your Candlewood Lake Homes for Sale


Owning one of the lakefront properties in Candlewood Lake is truly a dream come true. Lakefront or waterfront homes are hard to come by since they are one of the most desired types of properties. Candlewood Lake, which is located in Fairfield and Litchfield counties, is the largest lake in all of Connecticut. This is surrounded by 5 affluent towns namely Danbury, Brookfield, New Fairfield, Sherman and New Milford. All these communities provide lakefront homes you will surely love.

These top 3 Candlewood Lake home design ideas will ensure you don't turn your buyers away from your home.

There are many advantages in owning a Candlewood Lake homes. First, the lake is open and offers different kinds of activities like boating, fishing and golfing the entire year. Living by the lake means you can take pleasure in all these activities anytime you want. There is no need to travel far just to relax and unwind. You can take your boat out for a ride at your pleasure. If you love fishing, just prepare your fishing gears and you are good to go so long as the weather permits. Living in a lakefront property is indeed such bliss. But in order to fully maximize your life here, it is also good to design your home in a welcoming and comfortable way.

Create an Open Atmosphere

Your home is located by a very beautiful lake so take advantage of it. Design your home with terraces outside the bedrooms. Isn’t it just nice to wake up in the morning and enjoy the breeze and sunshine on your bedroom terrace? You can start your day with an awesome view of the lake and its serene waters. You can also add a patio where you and your family can enjoy meals together. Spend a relaxing morning there while reading the paper or de-stress in the evening with your favorite cup of coffee as you stare at the sky and watch the stars.

Go for Natural Ventilation

Nothing beats fresh air. Living by the lake, away from the city, away from all the pollution and the noise is terrific. A great way to make the most of a location such as this is by designing your house with large windows.  This way, you get to enjoy not only the quiet breeze, but also the captivating view of the lake. It is best to position your furniture in a way that the outside view is not obstructed in anyway.  Decorate your home with plants and flowers; it gives better oxygen circulation in your living spaces.

Stick to Light and Neutral Colors

A sophisticated and fresh look will surely attract the attention of potential buyers of homes for sale in Candlewood Lake. Going for color white is a great option that could make your home stand out.  Since white can go with any other color, you can carefully think about how you are going to decorate and stage your home for viewing. It is classy, posh and comfortable and naturally carries a light atmosphere.

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