Why August Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Home In Connecticut - Deb Laemmerhirt1

Why August Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Home In Connecticut – This is always a struggle, right? “When should I start looking for a new home?” “When should I put my home on the market?” These are common questions that we as real estate agents get often. Finding the right time to buy or sell is like a puzzle. Depending on what you want and need, the advice you receive may be different than someone else. But if you are looking to buy a home in the month of August, here are a few reasons why this is a good idea…


1. The Pace Of The Market – Typically when school is back in session the market seems to slow down a little. This means you won’t be competing with as many buyers and you have less of a chance of being in a multiple offer bidding war. Every year and every market is different so check with your real estate agent to see how hot your market is!


2. Time Of Year – In Connecticut, the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold. There isn’t snow on the ground or down pours to worry about. The weather has less of a change of hindering your house hunting experience!


3. Interest Rates – Right now interest rates are still low. I know you have been listening to this for a few years now but it’s true! Do you remember what interest rates were in the 90’s? They ranged from 7-9%. So when we say interest rates are still low, they truly are!


4. Inventory – There is still plenty of homes to choose from in August. The inventory doesn’t seem to decline until we get closer to the winter months.


Keep these tips in mind during your home searching in August! What do you think of these tips? Do you have any to share? Comment to share with us!