4 Critical Spring Maintenance Tasks

4 Critical Spring Maintenance Tasks.  Was winter a beast to your home this year? You can wait until later to replace any shrubs killed by unseasonably cold weather, but if you put these five maintenance tasks on the back burner, you could end up with continuing property damage.

Check Roof For Leaks

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

Go up on your roof (or stay on the ground and use binoculars) to look for buckling or missing shingles. If you go up on the roof, check for loose flashing (the metal parts where the roof meets the vents and chimneys) and missing or damaged caps on vents or chimneys.

You can also search for roof leaks by going up to the attic with a flashlight and looking at the underside of the roof for water stains.

Adjust Gutters

Last winter’s debris as well as spring seeds and sticks are probably stuck in your gutters. If you don’t get them out, heavy summer thunderstorms can cause the gutters to overflow instead of carrying water away from your home.

Check the areas where your gutters drain and, if you need to, add gutter extensions to carry rainwater further away from your home.

Check For Downward Slopes In Front Beds

Has the soil in your front garden beds settled so that the ground now slopes down toward the outer wall of your home? That can send water into your basement or crawl space.

Fill in any low spots and adjust the grade of the bed so rain water runs away from the exterior walls of your home not toward them.

Seal Cracks

Record cold temperatures have made cracks in many driveways, patios and sidewalks. If you’re among those with damaged hardscapes, seal those cracks before they get any bigger. Popular Mechanics explains which patching material is best for you.

Contact Me If You Need Help

If you don’t have time to take care of these must-do maintenance tasks, please feel free to contact me for a referral to contractors who will do the work for you.  4 Critical Spring Maintenance Tasks.