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Newtown CT Homes For Sale.   If you have decided to look at some of the new homes in the Newtown area, you are probably wondering what is available out there. The idea of seeking a real estate agent can feel a bit intimidating, but when you find that the time is right to view homes for sale then it is time to view realtors! For a real estate agent in the Newtown area who can understand the concerns of those who may be struggling with feelings of overwhelm as they seek to buy a home, we can get you off to a great start.
Firstly, research shows that there are currently more people selling a home than buying a home in Connecticut. That will certainly work to the advantage of the buyers! Another thing that can help newbies feel more comfortable is the ability to search real estate listings online in order to get a feel for what the market had to offer. The MLS or ‘Multiple Listing Service’ is one that gathers information for people who are in the game of buying or selling a home or recreational property. It gets more complicated than this meager description, but it is a great place to start! Some realtor websites allow online searches with a customized property search, which is updated pretty much every day. This way, a search can be done in the comfort and security of your home office.

If you are seeking a real estate agent in Connecticut who knows his or her business, someone who can streamline the process and help shed light in all the dark and dusty nooks and crannies, here are some tips. Seek a realtor who:
-fully understands the ins and outs of real estate
–is experienced in the local market
-has a proven track record
-can guide me through all the relevant processes necessary (and tell me what I need to know!)
-offers services including title, attorney, 1031 exchange and mortgage
-is honest and personable (we are going to be spending a lot of time together)
The search led me to Deborah Laemmerhirt at and I am so glad it did!