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?What’s My CT Waterfront Home Value?

Your CT waterfront home is worth more than the regular homes overall!   Waterfront homes are the properties located on an ocean or lake with a combination of 10 sq. km. of surface area or greater. And if you are thinking of selling your waterfront property in CT or you just want to know where…

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Real Estate Properties in Washington CT

What’s My Washington CT Home Value?

Have a ballpark figure when knowing the price of your home If you’re considering selling your home in Washington CT, or have already made a choice to sell it, it’s important to have a good sense of what your home is worth in today’s market. I have been in the real estate business for many…

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What's My Westport CT Home Value

What’s My Westport CT Home Value?

The benefits of knowing your home’s value Are you planning to sell your Westport CT home? Maybe you are thinking of having improvements made. Whether you are considering staying or moving, the following are some ways you can benefit from knowing your home’s value.   When you plan to sell your home: To price it…

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Real Estate Properties for Sale

What’s My Darien CT Home Value?

How are testimonials helpful with knowing your home value? “The experience with Debra was like entering into business with a perfect partner. My wife and I were impressed by her knowledge of the market, the geographical area and her understanding of what we were looking for and could afford.” When a REALTOR is on top…

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Real Estate Properties for Sale in Lake Lillinonah CT

What’s My Lake Lillinonah Home Value?

When it comes to selling a house, sellers like yourself have one burning question: What is my home value? Another million dollar question is how to increase the worth of your house without breaking your budget? Whether you’ve already made up your mind or still planning to sell your home, the subject of pricing your…

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Calm Before The Storm- What’s In Store For Home Ownership?

Topic Summary: With the Presidential election getting close, we will be reporting on candidate’s views on home ownership and their ideas on policies to support a sustainable recovery. But, no matter who wins the White House, there will surely be efforts to scale back the incentives of being a home owner. Each candidate has not…

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